Culture of

Metaverse Group

Metaverse Group cares about strengthening our our communities and making the world a better place through the adoption of the Metaverse.



Metaverse Group was formed as a joint venture by Michael Gord, the founder & CEO of GDA Group, and Jason Cassidy, the CEO of Game Credits – two of the earliest adopters of metaverse technology in the world. The two discovered the disruptive opportunity with metaverse, essentially the immersive internet, and began building the foundation for the first vertically integrated digital real estate firm for the modern economy.

Our founders strongly believe in the power of education and giving back to organizations who have help to build the metaverse into the strongest global community and network of industry leaders. Metaverse Group is part of the immersive revolution and to bring something bigger than themselves back to make the world a better place.

This is Metaverse Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of the largest metaverse firms in the world, Metaverse Group takes its leadership role and responsibility seriously. That’s why we are committed to building communities that are educated, environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Metaverse Groups’ mandate is to ensure we are contributing to the growth of every community that we work and live in. That means donating to programs and events for youth, helping to opportunities for those who are less fortunate, educating our neighbours on blockchain solutions, and by leading the way to bringing all communities around the world into the global financial ecosystem.